• To take care of the whole broking redaction process between the seller and our company.
  • To manage the advertising and sale processes.
  • To prepare the buying/selling contracts.
  • To submit to financial institutions and insurance companies independent equipment quotations.

  • To publish and oversee the inventory on our Web sites and social networks.
  • To verify any equipment on the Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights.
  • To grant you an access to a network of buyers specialized in equipment exportation as well as Canadian and American equipment dealers.
  • To provide financing or leasing services.

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  • Nothing is easier! Call Équipements CCMP +1 819-817-4725
  • We come to your home.
  • We take the information about your equipment and make a quotation.
  • We take pictures of your equipment.
  • We sign the brokering contract with the Vendor’s Declaration.

  • Seller/Buyer sales, we have a choice of transactions: customer to customer; in a notary trust account or from Équipements CCMP to a buyer.
  • Available funding
  • We verify registration papers of the equipment we sell. The seller must notify on the Vendor’s Declaration any remaining amount of a loan or any lien with a financial institution.
  • We may also offer hauling services.

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  • The fees will depend on the cost of the equipment and their exact count. Every brokerage contract is of course confidential.


  • Visitations to allow a potential customer to see the equipment will be made at the owner’s conditions and with the utmost respect for its property. One can choose to be there or not at its own will but when negotiation will take place sometimes we might advise the owner to let us alone with the buyer since it can get too emotional for certain people. But in the end, the final decision belongs to the owner who’s the only one that can say yes or no to the transaction.


  • The equipment might be used by the owner as long as it is not sold. When an equipment is sold the owner has to stop using it and store it properly until it is delivered to the buyer.


  • We are always interested in any equipment or accessory of any manufacturer. We might buy agricultural, residential, commercial, construction or industrial equipment if it can be of any interest for us.

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  • The equipment is sold without any legal warranties except if there is still a valid manufacturer’s warranty.