Discover our company, our team and our large inventory.

Our mission

We are committed to offer a professional and competent service to bring buyers and sellers closer. Time is money and we know how busy everyone is! Selling equipment can be time consuming and since you can’t waste it, we assure you to work properly to sell your inventory regardless of what type of equipment it’s made of: vehicles, farm machinery or specialized equipment. We will be there for you, with you.

Analyzing the market

In a market that is in constant evolution and rather competitive the value of your inventory surplus is what the buyers are ready to pay for. One can’t argue with the fact that the laws of supply and demand rule the market forces! That’s why at Équipements CCMP we offer you the opportunity to sell or buy equipment at their RIGHT MARKET PRICE. To do so, we elaborate and offer a marketing plan in which we HIGHLIGHT THE FEATURES of your equipment in a new approach. Équipements CCMP: a different way of working for you, with you!

Our team

Luc Brunelle

Luc was raised on a 100 cow dairy farm on a 375 acres land where he stayed until its early 20s. He graduated in car mechanics, diesel and injection as well as in a pre-university program in Drummondville’s College during which he worked in a manufacture of tower silos. Afterwards he became an automotive parts clerk which led him, through hard and professional work, to an executive position as the parts sales manager of the company. On the basis of this experience he worked in the agricultural field as a sales manager of farming, snow removal and commercial equipment and machinery. He has soon acquired expertise in market and business development, company management, negotiation, equipment quotation, sales, financing and leasing. To keep track of the current market situations he periodically undertook training sessions in management, administration and sales and remained up to date on diverse farming equipment such as tillage, sowing or reaping, tractors and GPS systems through an ongoing technical training.

His passion for agriculture industry coupled with his expertise are the reasons why Luc will be your best bet to help you sell your equipment at its right value to the right customer or to help you buy exactly what you need at a fair price. Add to this respect, uprightness and courtesy as his core values and you have now the best tool in your hands to implement your project of selling or buying farm machinery or specialized equipment.

Cédryck Brunelle

Cédryck, our outstanding « I.T. guy », is a specialist in computing technology and data entries. He keeps up with the latest ongoing developments in computer equipment as well as the products launched on the market. With him aboard, Équipements CCMP is always in good hands and will always work with up-to-date hardware and software.

Anna Trudel

Anna is our sales assistant. Having essentially worked in the academic field and publishing industry, she keeps an eye out for any grammar and language mistakes and she will never hesitate to spend time checking any specialized references just to find the right word or expression. She will be writing the texts accompanying the pictures of your machinery and equipment before uploading them on our advertising Internet network or publishing them in trade magazines. She also works on different tools to standardized sales processes in order to help Luc to keep offering an efficient service.